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Roskilde Festival 2020 Go DIY Concerts

With Roskilde Festival – Do it Yourself, the Danish festival is calling on its fans around the world to host their own Roskilde 2020.

Roskilde Festival DIY Concerts is an AR app created specifically for Roskilde Festival – do it yourself. The app lets you experience Danish artists Tessa and Artigeardit performing the songs “Ben” and “Bål”, and “Den værste” and “Gothersgade”, respectively. It all happens in your living room, in your backyard or whereever you see fit. And you can perform right next to them on camera and record the whole thing.

Usually, we donate all profits from the festival to our charity work primarily for children and young people – but without a festival we have nothing to pass on. Therefore, it will also be possible to make a donation in the app by purchasing a donation wristband or by donating an amount of your own choosing using MobilePay.

On Saturday 4 July, on what would have been the final day of Roskilde Festival 2020, the Danish event is encouraging fans across the world to create their own festival at home.

For ‘Roskilde Festival – Do it Yourself’, festival organiser Roskilde Festival Charity Society is calling on participants to “pitch a tent in their living room, play beer bowling in the backyard, create the perfect playlist, be inspired or provoked by art” and share their experience online, “just like we all share experiences at the festival every year.”

As with the main Roskilde Festival, tickets and merchandise will available to buy for Do it Yourself, with all profits donated to initiatives for young people and that strengthen community cohesion. The nonprofit festival – which was cancelled this year along with all other Danish summer events – raised hundreds of thousands of euros with its 2019 edition, and has donated over €55 million since the early ’70s.

Roskilde Festival will be sharing the best fan-created content from Do it Yourself on its social channels.

“Unfortunately, we cannot meet up at the festival site this year. Fortunately, the festival community thrives in so many other ways,” says Roskilde spokesperson Christina Bilde.


“In recent months, we have seen tremendous support, and many people have announced that they plan to celebrate the festival. It is absolutely fundamental to us that we can be a platform for such communities.

“So, we hope that many people will come together and enjoy music, food, art and the Roskilde community while supporting young people’s voices and opportunities.”

Those participating in Roskilde Festival – Do it Yourself are encouraged to buy a ticket for 50 kr. (€6.50) – or, for those who can’t do without this year’s Roskilde wristband, festival wristbands are available for a donation of 200 kr. (€27).

In the weeks leading up to the event, those taking part will be able to draw inspiration from Roskilde Festival’s many guides to music, food, art and activism “so that all the self-made festivals will have a common orange glow”, says the festival (orange being Roskilde’s signature colour)/